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Floatation Therapy(Newly Launched)

The Newly Lanuched massage therapy 

Floatation Therapy漂浮疗法


50% Off for 60mins session

Normal price  $128 

Now $64 


Floatation therapy is a PROVEN holistic health treatment that is backed by decades of scientific research. Athletes, students, executives and anyone that is in need of an escape from life's daily stressors may all benefit from floating. Flotation therapy may be used to complement other body work and healing methods.

漂浮疗法是一种经过验证的整体健康疗法,得到了数十年科学研究的支持。 运动员、学生、高管和任何需要摆脱日常生活压力的人都可能受益于漂浮。 漂浮疗法可用于补充其他身体工作和治疗方法。


Floatation Therapy(Newly Launched)

128.00S$ Regular Price
64.00S$Sale Price
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