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Welcome to Bentley Wellness Massage centre.

Recommended hot stone massage

The heat generated by the stone has a great effect on your blood circulation, reducing muscle spasms and relieving muscle pain. The hard texture of the stone not only facilitates long-term ulcer formation, but it also normalizes any knots that develop from chronic muscle tension. Through massage therapy, hot stone massage can reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality. That means it also applies to a range of diseases and symptoms, such as pain and depression.

hot stone massage

How does a hot stone massage work?

Place smooth, flat, and warm stones on certain parts of the body and rub. Quality matters - we use lava that retains heat well. The stone is heated to 50°. Once heated, the stones will perform a lymphatic massage along the meridians to promote healing. For example, this might include the back, legs, spine, or abdomen.

Unique Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Our therapists use premium heating stones to apply essential oils to key areas to relieve back tension and pain. Push the key points with the stone, and you'll feel instantly relieve.

our pretty and professional therapists from China.Vietnam.Malaysia.

Hotline : 64551201 / 64251484.

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Address: Blk726 Ang Mo Kio Ave6 #01-4150 S560726 / Blk 641.Bukit Batok Central.#01-46.S650641.

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