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Christmas Gifts 🎁 Promotions for every customer

Charisma Promotion!

( Promotion till end of 2022)

$68 can enjoy 1.5 hours of Swedish Aromatherapy Massages .

The benefits of aromatherapy massage combine the power of essential oils with the power of massage therapy. This combination has positive effects on the mind and body and can improve your health and mood!

A full body oil massage has calming and healing benefits, and when combined with massage therapy, aromatherapy can add an extra level of relaxation and healing. Massage therapy uses the manipulation techniques of the body's soft tissues to promote healing.

Welcome to book an appointment .

AmK Branch:

Hotline: 64551201

WhatsApp: +6564551201/+6564551229

Wechat: Bentleywellness_AMK

Address: Blk 726.AngMoKio Ave 6.#01-4150.S560726.

Bukitbatok Branch:

Hotline :64251484


Address:Blk 641.Bukitbatok central .#01-46.S650641.

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