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new therapist Selina from China at Bukit Batok Branch

I am Selina 25 years old, from China, good at various meridian health maintenance and therapeutic massage techniques, handsome and beautiful women when you are free, welcome to support me~

Our store has a hygienic environment, massage rooms have bathrooms, convenient parking, and many promotions are waiting for you~

Popular maintenance massages in our store

Korean Sensual Massage

Sensual Bubble Korean Massage is a form of wellness massage done with long strokes and slow motion massage. The sensual massage starts from the legs, and the movements are slow and gentle. During the whole massage process, the therapist's palms and elbows are closely connected. The softness combined with the hard massage force allows you to experience two completely different sensations. If sensual massage is your thing, this is definitely the best option for the ultimate experience of relaxation.

Bentley Spa Bukit Batok Branch~

Call or WhatsApp: 6425 1484

Location: Blk 641 Bukit Batok Central #01-46 Singapore 650641.

— feeling loved at Bentley Bukit Batok!!

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