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our SPA is an ideal place to Unwind and Be Refreshed.Contact us Today to learn more.

Spend time to getting a massage is never wasted

We offer Hot Stone massages as well as other types of massages that will help you relax, release toxins, ease muscle pain, and find balance amid the stresses of your life.

What Is the Difference Between a Hot Stone Massage and a Regular Massage? The main difference between a hot stone massage and a regular massage is that the focal point of a hot stone massage is the use of stones to apply pressure during the massage therapy session to promote relaxation. Regular massages do not use stones to massage the body but instead focus on pressure points and muscles. In a regular massage, the massage therapist uses pressure from their hands to massage different areas of the body.

Bentley Wellness has 20 masseuses with many skill set from multiple country! Serene environment, clean & comfy, each room comes with bath which is a relaxing, therapeutic, wellness haven.

Young and friendly therapist FeiFei, Angel, Yuki, Anna, Kelly, Abby, Grace, and Connie available for booking now

Amk branch Call or WhatsApp us at: 6455 1201 for reservation !!!

Young and friendlyMichelle, Sasa, Tingting, Ivy, Ella, Kim, Shemane, Tiffany, Lisa available for booking at our Bukit Batok branch now!

Bukit Batok branch Call us at: 6425 1484 for reservation !!! Whatsapp: 8544 1484

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