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professional therapist at Angmokio branch

What is Soft Deep Intense Massage?

Gentle touches and pressure, as well as stretching and relaxing movements, this massage creates a soothing experience that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, relaxing both the body and mind. It allows you to let go of all worries and sorrows and experience a sense of tranquility, almost like being in paradise.



BUY 60mins FREE 30mins

Meet our new therapist Cate from Malaysia .Snow from China.May from Thailand.Mango from Vietnam.

Meet our professional therapist Jiajia.Wendy.Anna.kelly from Vietnam.Yuki.Winnie.Angel.Abby from China

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Call or WhatsApp us at: 6455 1201

Location: Blk 726 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-4150 Singapore 560726.

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