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Volcano Tantra Hot Oil Massage

Tantra Hot Oil Massage

  • 1 hour
  • 102
  • BentleyWellness_BukitBatok|BentleyWellness_AMK

Service Description

Newly Launch:Volcano Hot Oil Massage is also named TANTRA MASSAGE! Meaning: To enjoy hot oil massage is like giving yourself a rejuvenated moment! Using hot oil to massage, it lets the body reach a balance therapy, together with soft massage skill to experience a relaxing feelings, with hot oil to drip onto your body is a comfortable, tender therapeutic feel. Especially with dripping oil, drip by drip from the leg, waist, back down to the skin, in moments all stress will be release till perfection… to feel a heavenly balance. For more details please check our Website: 🌎

Contact Details

  • Singapore 650641


  • Singapore 560726

    6455 1201

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